Ad Networks and Websites

APPAsburyParkPress200x230Our ad networks reach millions of people directly and contextually – the right ad networks used in the right way can make a successful digital campaign and achieve new growth for your company.

Features and Benefits of Our Networks:

  • Website Placement
    We have multiple and diverse websites to place your creative and integrated campaign
  • Geographic and Demographic Targeting
    Our geographic targeting system can help you find potential clients anywhere in the US or Canada, and we can hone it in even further with county targeting and specific demographic targeting. In fact, we can reach people as broadly or narrowly as required to maximize results
  • Contextual, Content and Behavioral Targeting
    Through contextual, content and behavioral targeting, you can find potential customers based on certain topics they are reading about and searching for. This adds a dynamic to their engagement because you are reaching them with the right message they are looking for at exactly the right time

Our Websites and Networks, the newspaper website of the Asbury Park Press is the number one source for local news and information in Monmouth and Ocean Counties. A trusted and well-established brand for over 133 years, the Asbury Park Press and its corresponding website, have been industry leaders in the evolution from traditional to digital media at the Jersey Shore. With page views averaging 15.2 million per month and unique innovative digital products and services to help today’s businesses succeed. Strengthen your brand by associating with the area’s leading publisher of local news across various digital platforms – mobile, video, desktop and tablet

My Central JersetReach the affluent and diverse market of Central New Jersey with The newspaper website serving the Home News Tribune and the Courier News, averages 4.2 million page views per month and has demographic and behavioral targeting opportunities for getting the most out of your digital marketing dollars. With a variety of high impact premium position and display ads as well as video opportunities is a great opportunity for reaching new customers

Daily RecordBy advertising on Morris County’s most reputable source for local news and information,, your business has an opportunity to reach this affluent and educated consumer. The Daily Record is not a new start-up company but a solid media company with history of successful client relations and proven track records. The site averages 3.2 million page views per month. Our customized digital marketing programs and World Class Sales Organization will help you develop a marketing strategy to target your customers, maximize your campaign and deliver the optimal results

Yahoo is one of the largest search engines and news sources on the Internet. By advertising with us through Yahoo, you have the opportunity to reach countless new customers. By working with a search engine, you have the ability to not only target your customer by location, but also target customers seeking your unique products or services. When you use Yahoo and the right SEO campaign, you can bring in more income than you may have thought possible.

Through unique targeting, Yahoo and Gannett NJ can narrowly target your potential customers. In fact, we can reach up to 85% of the entire consumer market through Gannett NJ and Yahoo® combined

Gannett NJ is one of Google’s Premier SMB Partners. Very few digital solution providers are awarded this level by Google and this allows us to offer maximum value to local advertisers by providing high-quality customer service and expert, professional AdWords account management.

As a Premier SMB Partner, Gannett NJ provides full-service AdWords account management from account setup and activation, to ongoing campaign management and optimization.

Premier SMB Partners meet Google’s highest standards and criteria for qualification, transparency and customer service, which include completing extensive Google product and account management training. This ensures that Premier SMB Partners can provide clients with the most effective AdWords advertising solutions. This, coupled with Gannett NJ’s ability to manage every aspect of a business’ digital marketing needs with end-to-end support, gives our clients a much more competitive presence online. LOGO CLR

Reaching over 10 million car shoppers each month, is one of the largest car shopping websites on the planet. If you have an auto related service or good, this is a great way to reach a lot of new potential clients. This site has many separate pages and formats for you to fit your ad on, and the experts at Gannett NJ have the skills necessary to help you create the perfect ad for this amazing website

Millions of people looking to start fresh in a new home or apartment visit each day. They help their clients find the exact dwelling they are looking for by searching for specific zip codes and price ranges. This information can also be very useful to help you pinpoint the specific clients you’ve been looking for, especially if you want to reach new area residents. They offer a variety of advertising options such as traditional display placements, email marketing, and more is one of the top 35 online properties in the country. This site receives over 24 million unique visitors and over 500 million page views a month. This is a great way to get a lot of eyes on your product. The type of job someone is looking for means a lot about the type of person they are, their interests, and their income, making it easy to narrowly target your key demographics


This site is here to help new residents find the best stores and businesses in the area. By utilizing this site, you have an opportunity to not only bring in new customers, but also establish instant brand loyalty. provides its advertisers with a microsite to inform your potential customers with in-depth information. It is also a great place to add coupons and other incentives to motivate potential customers to do business with you. Along with the microsite, this page also offers a flexible web showcase including:

  • Website Links
  • Maps and Directions
  • Printable Modules
  • Email Feature
  • Printable Gift Certificates
  • Coupons and Deals
  • Your Business Logo
  • Description of Your Services
  • Photos and Graphics
  • Video and Audio
  • Downloadable PDF Files
  • A FREE Domain Name
  • FREE Mobile Site

DealChicken is a daily deals website that offers discounts on local restaurants, salons, entertainment and more in 57 U.S. markets. Sure, there are other social commerce sites out there, but the main difference is that behind the scenes of Deal Chicken is a newspaper or TV station, which has been a long-trusted part of the local community. They help readers uncover hidden gems in their neighborhood. All of this means significant exposure for businesses, deals advertised in print, TV, email, and social media – all at zero upfront cost. DealChicken is low risk marketing at its best


Potential clients can be fast clickers. Visitors often go to a business page just to find out more about the product, and then immediately click away to look for a better deal or more information. Although it’s virtually impossible to create a website that has a 100% conversion rate, thanks to our proprietary retargeting strategy, Gannett NJ helps converts these fast clickers to customers. We keep your ads and name in front of these potential customers and reminding them what they were searching for and, most importantly, why they were initially visiting your site.

Retargeting offers you two choices for ads, either static or dynamic. While a static approach will remind your potential customers that company is around, dynamic will give you a far more personalized advertisement. Dynamic ads utilize your potential customer’s search history allowing the ad to understand their interests and then notifying them of similar products or services your company has to offer.

When retargeting, you can choose ads that will be located on various different websites that your undecided users frequent. Think of these ads as a billboard, but instead of placing these on busy streets with heavy traffic, you can place these throughout busy sites with heavy traffic frequented by your specific audience.


Proper targeting is the key to any successful campaign. Even with the best product in the world, if it’s not marketed to the right group of people, it is a waste of time and money. Gannett NJ ensures that your message is sent out the right people, to give you the customers you’ve been looking for via multiple targeting approaches:


We specialize in is display/contextual targeting. This is based on specific keywords found within the webpage the user is visiting. This allows you to find specific users based on the pages they are using, allowing them to find your advertisements naturally and, therefore, in the right ‘context.’

  • Delivers innovative ads
  • Ensures your ad appears on relevant websites
  • Gets your ad in the right place and directed to the right people
  • Increases accuracy, efficiencies and conversions
  • Meets your marketing objectives


Through Content Targeting, we can match client messaging on pages with related topics within Yahoo’s enormous network. What makes this method so unique is that this is not simply keywords, this process matches the content to the pages where you are currently marketing. This way you can be extremely specific about the potential clients you are looking for and provides you with an alternative targeting method allowing you to gain exposure to a relevant group already seeking information about your company.

  • Tags pages so they can be targeted by content topic
  • Our clients don’t need to think of all keyword variations to buy, but simply select from a pre-defined set of values that represent relevant content

Behavior Targeting

Behavior targeting is a relatively new, but every effective method of targeting. This process targets potential customers around 600 separate behavioral categories by keeping note of the websites, advertisements, and other content customers view or visit. Each category has its own defined purchase cycle and the more they’re online, the more you know about them. We weigh how recent and relevant the behavior is, as well as the intensity of behavior. This provides deep understanding about their interests. Our process reaches them directly and creates an incredibly relevant reason for them to return to your site.